Oscars Mistake

What a mistake at the Oscars with the announcement of the wrong film for the Best Film Category! It must have been very disappointing for the winning film (I don’t mention it because I’m still note sure who won). No matter how tremendous your speech is the star of the show was that stuff around!

I love an award show speech. I think I love them more than I like the films. I think that’s because I particularly enjoy them when I’ve enjoyed the performance being awarded and it’s like a 3 minute summary of the performance. For example, Julia Roberts gives a good acceptance speech. I like it when they touch on an issue, like Tom Hanks did once, (even if he did descend into some sort of frenzy towards the end), or like Patricia Arquette when she called out pay inequality in her industry. I enjoyed Adele getting snot in her nose, Whoopi talking her award into existence and Cher suggesting she was on her way to being somebody.

My favourite though, would have to be Shirley Maclaine. Didn’t see the film, loved the speech. You can watch it below, the last minute or so is my favourite.