Fair Work Commission’s 4 Yearly Review of Modern Awards – Penalty Rates

There is a lot of press at the moment on the Fair Work Commission’s decision with respect to penalty rates in the hospitality and retail sector. I have also seen a lot of commentary on social media around the decision. The decision is of particular interest to me as I am quite interested generally in Employment Law, but also because I spent a considerable time working in retail under Enterprise Bargaining Agreements that are substantially similar to the underlying Modern Award. Perhaps its because many friends who continue to work for that employer or doing similar work are affected by it that I have been inundated with commentary around it.

I’ve not yet had the opportunity to review the decision in full. However, a summary of the decision is available (as are all decisions of the Commission) on the Commission’s Website. There is also a dedicated page which contains records of all associated documentation. 

I intend to return to the topic once I’ve had a chance to thoroughly review the decision, so do check back for an update and my thoughts on the decision.



Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is coming up, and I’ve noticed that the Inner City Legal Centre are facilitating a session on Working with LGBTIQ Clients in Legal Proceedings. I volunteer with a community legal centre that with a large LGBTIQ client base, so I’m particularly interested in attending. The promotional material for the session describes the session as

“His Honour Michael Kirby AC, CMG will open the event. The Inner City Legal Centre will present on “Working respectfully with LGBTIQ clients”.  Skylar Mills, a Trans teen, and his mother Nancy will share their journey.  Dr Olivia Rundle will speak on challenges for couples and families engaged with legal systems.”

It looks to be a very comprehensive session. Congratulations to the Inner City Legal Centre and Young Lawyers for their role in presenting this session which will be very informative. You can find out more about the good work that Inner City Legal Centre do via their website. 

Tickets are free, and the event is hosted by Sydney University in Lecture Theatre 101 in the School of Law Building. Inner City Legal Centre will accept donations on the night.  I’d encourage you to make a booking.

You can find a booking link and more information about the event here.