First Solo Mention

I had my first solo court appearance today which was a nice way to end my first week as an admitted lawyer.

I’m particularly keen to develop my court advocacy skills. I was first in class for our undergrad Moot subject, I have some competence in the area of public speaking and enjoy the formality and traditions of court rooms. I think I have the ability to present a persuasive case in a respectful way and advance a client’s interests.

This particular mention was very brief and the outcome unsurprising as we had made representations to the other side and they had agreed to withdraw the charge. The mention was but a mere formality. Having said that, it was still a special moment for me as I was able to stand before the court representing a client and this particular client faced considerable disadvantage so it was humbling to be able to play a small role in achieving a good outcome.

I can’t wait for my next appearance!